Michael Jordan recently broke up a heated confrontation involving Wack 100 that was captured on camera.

Michael Jordan Stops Wack 100 From Fighting

On Sunday (July 23), social media blog DailyLoud shared video that shows Wack 100 very close to getting into a fight of some sort outside while surrounded by a group of people. In the video, which you can watch below, Wack has his hands balled and is yelling at another person who is off camera.

"On Piru, n***a," Wack 100 yells.

Suddenly, and most randomly, Michael Jordan steps through the crowd and gets in between Wack 100 and the person, and attempts to quell the situation. Another man, who appears to be a security guard, tries to usher Wack away, but Wack is defiant.

"Get the f**k off me," Wack 100 tells the man.

MJ tries to talk some sense into Wack 100 before giving up and walking off to his car while being followed by a throng of paparazzi.

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Charleston White Rumored to Be Involved in Wack 100 Incident

It is being reported that controversial YouTuber Charleston White was the subject of Wack 100's ire and is the person who His Airness tried to stop Wack from putting hands on. White has responded to the speculation on social media.

"Y'all n***as really believe I was somewhere with Michael Jordan and Wack 100?" White says in the clip below. "Come on, man. Y'all gotta stop believing this s**t. I ain't never in my life met Michael Jordan."

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See video of Michael Jordan stopping Wack 100 from squabbling below.

Watch Michael Jordan Intervening in a Heated a Heated Confrontation Involving Wack 100 Below

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