In a recent interview, YoungBoy Never Broke Again blamed himself for people thinking he's uncivilized.

NBA YoungBoy Blames Himself for Misconceptions About Him

NBA YoungBoy recently appeared on an episode of Gillie and Wallo's popular Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, which premiered on Sunday (Dec. 24) on YouTube. During his candid interview, the Louisiana rapper discussed living in isolation in Salt Lake City, Utah, while still managing to release music at a prolific pace.

In the video below, at the 6:40-mark, YB acknowledges that people have a bad misconception about him, of which he put the blame on himself.

"I never get a fair shot. They never marketed me like to this to this day," YB explained, referring to his quiet living and tranquil home life in Utah. "To them I seem uncivilized from what they see that s**t online."

"But then again, I got to put the blame on me you know?" he added. "As far as like for the way I'm seen today."

After hearing NBA YoungBoy's remarks, Gillie offered him some positive affirmations, telling him that he shouldn't feel bad for being himself.

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NBA YoungBoy Is Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Elsewhere in the interview, NBA YoungBoy disclosed that being on house arrest has left him feeling depressed. However, he's grateful that keeping busy has helped him to overcome some of his depressive feelings.

"I be feeling down sometime cuz like some p***y-s**t that be going on," YoungBoy said. "Other than that, like I'm too blessed to be stressed, I'm too pressure to be pressed. I don't really care what people think."

Recently, the 24-year-old rapper had his house arrest conditions modified after filing a petition citing deteriorating mental and physical health. In light of YB's claim that he is suffering mentally from being confined to his Utah home for the past two years, a judge has granted him permission to leave for doctor's appointments.

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Watch NBA YoungBoy talk about people's misconception of him on Gillie and Wallo's podcast below.

Watch NBA YoungBoy's Interview on Million Dollaz Worth of Game Podcast

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