Ad-libs in hip-hop are incredibly powerful. While being able to master a rapper's lyrics requires the stamina of a true rap fan, ad-libs serve as the great unifier for many artists' biggest songs. This is one way to help an MC become instantly recognizable to the masses. Many of the most established rappers also have the most recognizable ad-libs, and in 2023, there's evidence the new generation knows how to utilize them well.

Luh Tyler's subtle use of "Skiii" this year added just the right amount of seasoning to songs like "Law & Order Pt. 2" and "Back Flippin," giving his music some buoyant energy. Other ad-libs in 2023 served as a call to action, such as Finesse2Tymes' "Finesse two of 'em," which helped propel the opening bars on his track "Back End" to viral stardom. Other ad-libs have been recycled and revamped since rap's early days, such as Ice Spice's take on "Graaah." The term itself is far from new in hip-hop, but Spice's silky delivery of the phrase on songs like "In Ha Mood" personalized it so much that even Taylor Swift now strictly associates it with her.

The younger generation clearly sees that when used correctly, ad-libs can serve as a calling card that both excites fans and embeds their music in their memory forever. As 2023 inches to a close, XXL has put together some of the best ad-libs heard from newer rappers this year. With entries from GloRilla, Lola BrookeJeleel! and more, peep 16 great ad-libs below.

  • Luh Tyler - "Skiii" ad-lib

  • Ice Spice - "Graah" ad-lib

  • Finesse2Tymes - "Finesse 2 of 'em" ad-lib

  • GloRilla - "GloRilla" ad-lib

  • Lola Brooke - "Uh, uh, uh, uh" ad-lib

  • Jeleel - "It's Jeleel!" ad-lib

  • Sukihana - "B***h, it's Suki with the good cat" ad-lib

  • SleazyWorld Go - "Grrrt" ad-lib

  • Kaliii - "Kaliii" ad-lib

  • Bandmanrill - "On bro, on bro, on bro" ad-lib

  • Enchanting - "Big Chant" ad-lib

  • Trapland Pat - "Duh, duh, duh" ad-lib

  • Sha Gz - "Like, like" ad-lib

  • Heembeezy - "Yeah, alright" ad-lib

  • Kenzo Balla - "Every opp shot" ad-lib

  • Rome Streetz - "You n***as washed" ad-lib

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