Fans are getting very creative with Photoshop. Case in point: Sexyy Red and T-Pain have been hilariously transformed into the Kevin James smirking meme.

Sexyy Red and T-Pain Are Victims of the Smirking Kevin James Meme

On Friday (Sept. 29), both Sexyy Red and T-Pain jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to express their shock at seeing their heads photoshopped on actor Kevin James' body in a dated headshot for his now-defunct 1998 CBS sitcom, The King of Queens. In Red's hilariously altered photo, which you can see down below, the St. Louis rapper was given extra large bosoms as well.

As expected, Red was shocked by the image. "Now [who da f**k] is this [skull emoji]," she tweeted.

T-Pain was also left speechless and wanted to know who was the culprit behind his meme photo. "Who did this?" he questioned.

No need to worry, it appears that Sexyy Red and T-Pain are in on the joke and didn't take any offense.

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What Is the Kevin James Smirking Meme?

According to Know Your Meme, the Kevin James smirking photo went viral last weekend with people comparing him to a nerdy IT guy, a creepy neighbor or the awkward guy at the party in a variety of comments on social media.

The 58-year-old actor's stock Getty Images photo, which shows him smirking while wearing a plaid green dress shirt, was shot back in 1998, when The King of Queens was still on television. Since then, fans have altered the photo to now photoshopping body parts and celebrity's heads onto the photo, Sexyy Red and T-Pain included. Even NBC's Today Show reported on the photo's popularity.

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See Sexyy Red and T-Pain's reaction to them being transformed into the Kevin James smirking meme below.

Look at Sexyy Red and T-Pain Transformed Into the Kevin James Smirking Meme

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