Sugarhill Ddot, 15, is wise beyond his years. The young Harlem rapper cut his teeth in New York’s hard-hitting drill scene, but now strives to continue making a name for himself through other facets of hip-hop, Latin music and beyond.

Born and bred in the famous Sugar Hill section of Harlem, Sugarhill Ddot started writing rhymes at age 13 when he chose music as an outlet for his teenage angst instead of his grandmother’s request to start therapy sessions.

In the two years since, independently released tracks like the Akon-sampled "I Wanna Love You" and "Let Ha Go" have amassed over 17 million collective views on YouTube. At the same time, songs like "Dream" and "Too Tact" alongside his childhood friends DD Osama and the late Notti Osama have reached countless users on TikTok. This helped the rhymer gain 34 million total streams on Spotify in the U.S. alone.

By March of this year, Sugarhill Ddot's viral status landed him a deal as a flagship act at the recently revamped Priority Records. Major cosigns and mentorship from top-notch acts in the industry have found Ddot performing arena-capacity shows in Chicago with Lil Durk and booking a modeling gig for Drake’s NOCTA partnership with Nike.

As Sugarhill Ddot expands his horizons, he swings through The Break: Live. The rap newcomer opens up about navigating his newfound fame, his close relationship with Meek Mill, growing up in Harlem with DD Osama, the new avenues he's exploring when it comes to music and much more. Check out the full interview below.

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"Let Ha Go"

"I Wanna Love You"

"Stressed Out"

"3AM in the Yams" featuring Luh Tyler

"Evil Twins Pt. 2" featuring Notti Osama

"40s N 9s" with DD Osama

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