Travis Scott is opening up about how it feels having not won a Grammy.

Travis Scott Talks About Grammy's Experience

On Thursday (April 18), Travis Scott stopped by LeBron James' YouTube talkshow The Shop alongside Ice Spice. During the chat, which can be seen below, he talked about his experience at the 2024 Grammy Awards, where he once again lost Best Rap Album for his latest effort Utopia.

"I feel like sometimes things get stuck in like old ways," Travis said. "I'm not saying there's nothing wrong with people winning, I just think it needs to be like obvious I sold out SoFi this year, right? I didn't know I was the only rapper to do that but that's crazy. When people go back in time like 10 years from now, when we're not gonna remember this moment, they gotta go through the catalog to figure out what's going on."

He continued, "I think about this s**t like a club, there's a Grammy club, right? And you got Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, these are real greats. Kanye West, Jay-Z, you know I'm at the muthaf**kin, at the rope like, 'Yo!' You hear their music in the party...You gonna have some n***as in there that you don't even know these muthaf**kas."

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Travis Scott Notes Grammys' Snub During 2024 Grammy Awards Performance

Trav's comments come after he mentioned his Grammy snub during his performance of "Fe!n" at the 2024 awards back in February. During a fiery run through of the Utopia track alongside Playboi Carti, Travis ad-libbed the phase: "They slept on me 10 times," a reference to his 10 Grammy nominations and subsequent losses.

Utopia was nominated for Best Rap Album, losing out to Killer Mike's Michael. La Flame had also been nominated for Best Rap Album back in 2019 for Astroworld, losing out to Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy.

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Watch Travis Scott talk about his Grammy experience on The Shop below.

Watch Travis Scott and Ice Spice on The Shop

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