The XXL Freshman class has been shining a light on hip-hop's hottest rising stars in any given year since 2007. The annual cover reveal introduces each rapper to the world through exclusive interviews, fun videos such as XXL's ABCs and Mean Comments and, of course, the Freshman cypher. One aspect of each class that rap fans immediately flock to are the XXL Freshman freestyles.

Over 150 rappers who've graced XXL Freshman magazine covers have individually flexed their mic skills a cappella style in videos that have raked in millions of views over the past 16 years. The Freshman freestyles provide the perfect opportunity for MCs like Logic in 2013 to let their rhymes resonate with viewers bar for bar. At the same time, rap-crooners like Chance The Rapper in 2014 offer a glimpse into their artistry.

When taking a look through the XXL Freshman freestyles that have garnered the most attention through the years, there are a select few that rise above the rest. Four members of the renowned 2016 XXL Freshman class are at the top of the list. Kodak Black brings the swag through his South Florida drawl and Lil Dicky provides comic relief via his flawless flow. Lil Uzi Vert delivers an equal amount of masterful wordplay and flashy style while Desiigner's expressive rhymes evoke emotion as he snaps his fingers to keep time.

As a member of the 2017 class, the late XXXTentacion's freestyle accentuates his dark, ominous demeanor with lyrics that now seem almost prophetic in nature. On the flip side, Ski Mask The Slump God's 2018 lyrics put his innate ability to switch flows and cadences on full display.

Check out the top 10 most-viewed XXL Freshman freestyles of all time in the video below. As of reporting time, these rankings are based on the freestyles that have raked in the highest number of views.

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