Ja Rule is feeling some type of way about the new documentaries by Netflix and Hulu covering the failed Fyre Festival he was involved in promoting back in 2017. Now, the rapper is claiming the creators of the Hulu documentary Fyre Fraud paid his former partner and festival organizer Billy McFarland to take part in the doc.

Participants in mediums like documentaries are rarely paid for their appearances, a practice that is looked down upon in the journalistic field. But, according to Ja, Hulu did just that in order to get info from McFarland, who was sentenced to six years in prison for wire fraud in relation to the blundered concert showcase last October.

"Hulu PAID BILLY!!!" Ja tweeted on Sunday morning (Jan. 20). "That money should’ve went to the Bahamian ppl Netflix PAID fuck Jerry the same guys that did the promo for the festival... ‍♂️."

The Queens rapper claims to have proof adding, "I have receipts!!!"

Ja later gave more details on his claims. "Because Billy was involved with BOTH he was trying to get them to pay him and Hulu bit... I heard they paid him somewhere btw 100 to 250... that money was supposed to go to the locals by LAW," he posted.

Ja claims he never made a dime off the canceled festival that promised A-list acts, luxury and fun in the sun on a Bahamian island. People who paid thousands of dollars to attend were greeted to tents and food not even fit for an elementary school lunch. The festival was canceled before it started causing a chaotic scene and, eventually, multiple lawsuits.

Ja Rule insists he would never con people out of their money and thinks he was a victim like everyone else. "I too was hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, lead astray!!!" he add.

Check out Ja Rule claiming Hulu paid Billy McFarland to be in their Fyre Festival documentary below.

See Ja Rule's Tweets Claiming Hulu Paid Billy MacFarland to Be in Their Fyre Festival Documentary

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