The frenzy over the Popeyes chicken sandwich has left Ja Rule disappointed.

On Tuesday (Nov. 5), the former Murder Inc. rapper logged on to his Twitter account to share his disgust in people clamoring to get a bite of the fast food chain’s coveted menu item.

“Y’all really out here acting like niggas over a fucking chicken sandwich... smh... now I’m never gonna eat one on principles alone!!!” he tweeted. “Fucking idiots y’all are what’s wrong with our people... I’m so disappointed in my ppl we better than this...”

After Ja tweeted his disgust, folks on Twitter were quick to remind him of the chaos that surrounded his failed Fyre Festival in 2017.

"Save the superiority complex for something that doesn’t make you a complete hypocrite fam," wrote one person. Another commenter tweeted, "You should not be bringing up sandwiches Fyre Fraud Festival King."

Others posted the infamous photo of a meager cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich in a styrofoam container that attendees were given upon arrival to Fyre Festival. Overall, many people felt that Ja Rule should've sat this one out and not have commented at all.

Ja Rule, whose most recent album is 2012's Pain Is Love 2, is set to release his new LP, Twelve, on Dec. 12.

Check out people's reactions to Ja Rule's Popeye's chicken sandwich frenzy below.

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