Samurai Jack taking place in a future Earth, a story of a young prince. His father acquired a magical katana that was used to defeat and seal Aku a shape shifting demon. Jack and Aku duel, but Aku creates a time portal before Jack can deal the final blow. Sending Jack into the distant future with anticipation, that he would be able to have enough power to deal with Jack the Samurai then. Jack's attempts to return to his original time are not successful, always in some trouble that forces Jack to give up his chance at returning home.

August of 2001 to September of 2004, 52 episodes / 4 seasons. Now (50 years later) the story continues with season 5 on Cartoon Network's night block Adult Swim next month. How will Jack get back home and how will this story end?

P.S. The show won 4 awards and since the last episode aired, the show won 7 more awards. Bringing the total to 11 awards, you can catch up on the show if you want here for free.

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