Are you a Jadenator yet? If not, check out Jaden Smith‘s new video for his Foster the People-inspired rap song ‘Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me),’ which follows the teen and his friends as they spend the afternoon trying to impress girls at the skate park. 

Smith sports a Misfits tshirt and leopard-print pants that we thought only LMFAO could pull off. He’s surrounded by a group of young friends but seems to take special interest in the girls. The LMFAO influence goes beyond just his questionable slacks. Jaden dances around like the party rockers and even sounds a bit like them when he rhymes, “I’ll probably get some crap for this from my parents and my sis and the people I be acting with / But it’s cool, I’mma act a trip.

While his skater friends show off their moves on the indoor ramps, the 14-year-old, whose voice is already deeper than his dad’s, sings, “Everybody want kicks like me / Everybody want chicks like me / Everybody want flicks like me / Everybody trying to get like me.” Aside from the kicks reference, the song doesn’t have a lot in common with the Foster the People hit.

When Jaden finally grabs his own skateboard, he pulls off a few tricks but mostly falls flat, showing off the self-deprecating style that his dad Will often employed. As Jaden and his crew exit the skatepark, they head to the beach. The black-and-white video turns to color as the kids set up a tent just as the clip fades out. Is Jaden setting us up for a sequel?

‘Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me)’ will most likely appear on Smith’s mixtape, which reportedly drops this fall. The teen has also been recording with Kid Cudi for his next album, ‘Indicud.’