Jay Z, Kanye West and Frank Ocean have just scored a big legal victory. Last Friday (Oct. 7), a federal appeals court decided to uphold a lower court's dismissal of artist Joel McDonald's lawsuit alleging that Jay, Kanye and Ocean stole the idea for their 2011 song "Made in America," from his track of the same name. The 2014 case was initially dismissed in Sept. 2015, and with the federal appeals court's recent ruling, it doesn't appear that the case will be continuing.

The song that was in question, "Made in America," appeared on Jay and Kanye's critically acclaimed 2011 collaboration album, Watch the Throne. While McDonald's "Made in America" does share a song title with the Yeezy, Ocean and Jay, it's not easy to make too many other obvious connections between the two tracks. The federal appeals court seemingly felt the same way, finding McDonald's arguments to be "without merit," reports Pitchfork.

While a quick listen to McDonald's version of "Made in America" probably should've made the outcome of his lawsuit a foregone conclusion, Kanye's got to feel good about having one less issue to deal with just days after the traumatizing robbery of his wife Kim Kardashian West. Since that harrowing ordeal, Yeezy is seemingly trying to return to normalcy. One day before the court ruling surrounding his track "Made in America," the "Wolves" rapper made his way to the studio to work on some new music. Considering his penchant for using music to document his life experience, we wouldn't be surprised to see Kanye allude to the events of the last few weeks in some of his new songs.

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