Fuller House showrunner Jeff Franklin has reportedly been fired from the Netflix production after allegations of inappropriate behavior on set came to light.

Deadline reports that Franklin has been verbally abusive to staff on set and made inappropriate comments in the writers room. Warner Bros. has also severed tied with Franklin, the site says.

“We are not renewing Jeff Franklin’s production deal and he will no longer be working on Fuller House,” the company noted.

Fuller House premiered its third season in September 2017, exactly 30 years after the premiere of origin series Full House. The show has already been greenlit for a fourth season, and Deadline confirms the show will continue on with a new showrunner.

“We hope to go into production in the next few months," Netflix said in a statement.

Fuller House premiered on Netflix in 2016, 21 years after Full House went off the air on ABC. Star Dave Coulier told People in January 2016 that the experience of returning to set was a beautiful one.

"It's surreal being back," the actor, who plays comic Joey Gladstone, said. "It's like moving out of your house when you're a kid and then you move back in. It shouldn't be this much fun."

And John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse, echoed the sentiment.

"We never stopped loving each other," he gushed. "That magic you saw? It's still there because it never stopped from the day that we ended the show."

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