It's no mystery that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his baby mama Jen Harley's relationship drama will be tackled in the upcoming season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Over the past few months, revelations about the volatile relationship between the Jersey Shore star and his on-again, off-again girlfriend have fueled the tabloids, from Ronnie's Instagram Live blowup to that frightening car dragging incident in June. Family Vacation, which premieres tonight on MTV (August 23), will finally offer viewers an inside look into the turmoil, but Ronnie's Jersey Shore castmates aren't wasting any time sharing their opinions on the matter. (To be fair, they never hold their opinions back.)

Speaking to Us Weekly, Pauly D explained how he and the other cast members were dragged into Ronnie's drama.

"We tried everything, it was hard. We got drug into it, literally, he got dragged by the car," he joked. "We were there for comic relief. We gave him resources, everything we need to do to get him right because he's our brother."

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino added that it was "rough for us to figure out" how to navigate Ronnie and Jen's constantly fluctuating relationship.

"We are trying to support him in what he was going through, but it changed a lot during the season," he said, while Vinny Guadagnino offered that Ronnie "mentioned hopefully that's all working out."

The fist-pumping, GTL-ing reality stars also had thoughts to share on how they feel about Jen.

"We're here to support him, his family, his daughter," Jenni "JWoww" Farley explained. "I always say, 'If Ron likes her, we like her.' Whatever emotion he's on."

"It puts us in a weird position, you know, when your friend has somebody and you see that significant other treating them bad,"Pauly added. "You're like, you have to like this person because they're going to be back with them, that's how we are with her...It's just a weird situation, but it's not for us to really like, it's for him. We support Ronnie. 100 percent."

One sure silver lining from Ronnie and Jen's relationship? Their precious baby girl, Ariana Sky, who got to meet the cast of Jersey Shore for the first time in a sweet clip shared by Mike on Instagram yesterday (August 22).

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