After all these months of sitting on pins and needles, all you Jersey Shore fans can relax.  Season 4 kicks off this Thursday, August 4th.

We were all introduced to the cast of Jersey Shore in December of 2009.  I had no idea that the reality stars would still be around today.  Not only are they around, but they are making a whopping $100,000 per episode!  Insane, right?

Well it is true.  They have come a long way since season1 where they brought home $5,000 per episode.  The Guidos and Guidettes are a household name and are here to stay.

Season 4 is taking place in the motherland of Italy.  Promised to be full of drama, drinking, and fist pumping, this season airs on Thursday, August 4th.  Fans are so excited and anxious.  On, comments have poured in telling of the anticipation.

Here is the series trailer

Who would have ever thought that Jersey Shore would be such a hit?  I didn't.  As t-shirt time approaches I have one question, Will you be watching?


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