Jersey Shore star, The Unit aka John Manfre, was caught with a form of horse tranquilizer know as Ketamine or Special K last summer and was arrested for it.  Well, the Unit just struck a plea deal, and he got off with a pretty sweet deal in this case!

TMZ reports on the incident:

"Jersey Shore" star The Unit just caught a hell of a break in his drug case -- TMZ has learned, he struck a sweet deal with prosecutors to keep his ass out of jail.


Today, Manfre got off with a slap on the wrist and accepted to plead guilty to a "disorderly persons offense" if prosecutors dropped the drug charge.  Which by-the-way, they did!

Manfre was ordered to pay $125 in fine and that's it!

I'm so tired of seeing celebrities only getting a slap on the wrist, it's like they are some how special!

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