Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane tried out for ‘American Idol‘ at the San Diego round of auditions. She certainly looks like dear old dad. It’s a bold move for the daughter of a celebrity to try out for the show, but it’s also honest, since the 24-year-old isn’t relying on her dad’s name to get ahead. For that, we certainly applaud Jane Carrey.

Now, as for her talent. Does she have any? Or is she a celeb’s kid who is indulging herself?

Carrey sang the bluesy hit ‘Something to Talk About’ by Bonnie Raitt and closed her eyes a lot while doing so, which was to her detriment. While she was connecting with the music and feeling it, and singing in a pretty and competent voice, she needed to connect with the audience in front of her, and eye contact is another way to enhance that connection. That’s an easy fix.

But we have to mention that closing his eyes is exactly what judge Steven Tyler does when he is listening to the contestants. He closes his eyes and sways. He also said Carrey has good melody, but needs to work on her volume. The judges want to see more of her, so she was upstreamed. We’re in agreement with the judges. We want to see and hear more, too.

Carrey called dad post-performance, to tell him how she did. She threw him on speaker phone and he said “Yay.” We could practically hear him beaming. He also said he couldn’t wait for the world to see what Jane can do. Aw!

Watch Jane Carrey’s Audition on ‘American Idol’

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