Jimmy Kimmel, who's famously eschewed typical late-night TV diplomacy to get emotional about the state of American politics, let his stark horror show Thursday night (February 15) while addressing a school shooting in Florida that left nearly 20 dead.

Kimmel, who's famously assailed President Donald Trump's cabinet over stances taken on healthcare, immigration and other policies, said Republicans' inaction on gun control is nauseating, and added that the party's constant reflex to offer "thoughts and prayers" during times of tragedy has become insulting.

"So I agree with both of those statements. So here’s what you do to fix that. Tell your buddies in Congress — tell Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio — all the family men who care so much about their communities that what we need are laws," Kimmel said. "Real laws that do everything possible to keep assault rifles out of the hands of people who are going to shoot our kids."
Kimmel also blasted the GOP's constant insistence that it's never the time to have honest conversation about gun control laws.
"And don’t you dare let anyone say 'it’s too soon to be talking about it.'  Because you guys said that after Las Vegas. You said it after Sandy Hook. You say that after every one of these eight now fatal school we’ve had in the United States this year," he noted as his voice broke and he began to tear up. "Children are being murdered...Do something. We still haven’t talked about it.  You still haven’t done anything about this. Nothing. You’ve literally done nothing."

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