Texas beats California in job and population growth.

Forbes reports that California is at 40 percent more populous that Texas and generates 356,800 jobs in the past year. Texas generated 332,300 jobs this past year.

The job growth goes with Texas' strong population growth. Texas had a 12.6% rate of of growth in 2010. The state added new residents at a rate twice as high as California.

Something else that is pretty amazing is that most people who move out of California, they move to Texas. So this cause a big shift of the numbers.

Where in Texas is everyone in California is everyone moving to? It look likes Austin! Forbes this is due to California marginal income tax rate at 13.3. There are also lots of high housing cost. This is a result of restrictive zoning, environmental rules and development fees that add about $200,000 to the price of a new home.

San Antonio is the most popular city in Texas with a population of 1,511,946.




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