Joe Jonas and his crew headed to Ibiza for a Bachelor's party ahead of his second wedding to Sophie Turner.

Though Turner and Jonas did legally wed in Las Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards, the pair admitted that they would have an actual ceremony with their families present in France.

Joe shared pictures of his time in Ibiza on his Instagram. The first photo shows brothers Kevin and Nick alongside his DNCE bandmate Cole Whittle, brother-in-law Mikey Deleasa and friends toasting a drink together. The second photo shows all four of the brothers with Frankie even donning his previous merchandise shirt sold at Jonas Brothers concerts in 2008.

The group apparently played a game of soccer as well, sharing photos of Kevin and Joe on the black team while Nick is on the yellow. The final picture shows Joe and Nick smoking cigars at a restaurant.

“THE BOY. THE BOYS. THE BOYS. Incredible weekend full of celebration In Ibiza. Love you all," Jonas captions the Instagram post along with #FastLife, a nod to his first solo music album.

Deleasa shared two photos of their time on a yacht from the vacation. He captions the photos, "Submission for Trip Advisor...The Olive Garden is a must!"

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