We've all heard some Texans make jokes or complain about the number of people moving to Texas from California. Does that apply to Joe Rogan?

Rogan has been pretty open about his dwindling love for LA for some time. In several episodes of his massive podcast, Joe Rogan Experience, he has talked about the problems he sees in the city and his thinking about leaving.

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In a recent episode of his podcast, he said he was finally leaving LA and he's going to be moving to Texas.

Of all the celebrities that could move to Texas, I think Rogan is a natural fit. He wants the liberty that Texas offers compared to LA, plus he wants to get away from the over population and problems that come with it.

He's also an avid hunter. The only reason I ever tried elk meat was because Joe wouldn't stop talking about how great it is.

Politics aside, he has also talked about how much he loves doing comedy in Texas. Joe went to Houston in June, and talks highly of audiences in the Lone Star State.

The move doesn't signal the end of JRE. He has said he's going to keep the business going. Not surprising considering the exclusive deal he struck with Spotify earlier this year. He will also keep doing comedy shows, which is great news because he's one of the best.

That, and he's bringing Young Jamie with him so he can still "pull that up."

He hasn't said exactly where in Texas he's going to move to, but I'm willing to wager he'll be very welcome wherever it is.

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