If anyone has ever watched or even heard of the WWE, then you know who John Cena is.  Well, now the world of NASCAR does too!

John Cena has left his mark on the WWE Universe and our hearts.  He has held many, many championships.  And of course, everyone know his mottos : Never Give Up and You Can't See Me.  Cena is recovering from a wrestling injury so he hasn't been able to compete but that is not keeping him from being active.

This past weekend he was asked to be a part of the Daytona 500.  The superstar drove the honorary pace car and was able to hang out in the pit.  But the thing that has made this experience go viral was what happened while he was just hanging out.

Fox Sports reporter Jamie Little took Cena's 'You Can't See Me' literally.  Little was doing a live video shoot when she passed by the superstar.  She literally whipped her hair back and forth and right across Cena's face.

He seemed to have the look of 'what the heck just happened' on his face.  You know what, just check out the video below.

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