[Don LaFontaine voice]: He’s a widely beloved stand-up comedian who mastered his steady gig on a hit sitcom and scored an indie sleeper hit at cinemas this summer. And he’s a towering pro wrestler who’s demonstrated some surprising sitcom chops in a string of high-profile acting roles over the past few years. Separately, they liven up any movie in which they make an appearance. Together, they’re Kumail & Cena!

That probably wasn’t the pitch for the newly announced (via Deadline) buddy cop comedy starring Kumail Nanjiani and John Cena, but it could’ve been, because “buddy cop comedy starring Kumail Nanjiani and John Cena” all but sells itself. It has to, seeing as that’s really all there is to this premise at the moment. But that alone will be enough to reel in plenty of viewers; Nanjiani and Cena are both approaching household-name status, and their specific temperaments would clash nicely when paired. (Nanjiani’s always worked the nebbishy-neuroses angle, while Cena’s the comical strongman and he knows it.)

The creative team attached to the untitled project inspires plenty of confidence as well. Producing and handling directing duties is Ruben Fleischer, a name readers may remember as the braaaaaaains behind Zombieland, and more recently selected as the helmer for the soon-to-come Venom solo spinoff movie. Better still, the Deadline item specifies that the script will be drawn up by Murray Miller, the co-creator of the ludicrously funny sporting parodies Seven Days In Hell and Tour de Pharmacy. (That explains how Cena got tied up in all this; he was a highlight of the recent Tour de Pharmacy.)

I believe the parlance of the internet would be “shut up and take my money,” yes? Miller has more than earned this bump up to feature writing, and that lead pairing promises Dwayne Johnson/Kevin Hart-style chemistry. Two tickets, please! (They’re both for me.)

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