Let it never be said that Jon Hamm doesn't like to have a good time. The 'Mad Men' star might be known for his hard-nosed role on the uber-dramatic AMC series, but he likes to stir up mirth in his off-time, from 'SNL' hosting and pop-in appearances to helping 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon with some gags for his show. In keeping with the latter, Fallon and Hamm took to the Top of the Rock (on top of NBC's 30 Rock in NYC) over the weekend to photobomb innocent city gazers.

The duo cooked up some incredibly creative ways to photobomb unsuspecting sightseers -- from the classic "look surprised" to a new twist on the "Lady and the Tramp" -- but the best part comes at the end of their prank when the pair finally expose themselves, and quite possibly the world's most charming tourist exclaims, "Oh, Jimmy!" like she's known the 'Tonight Show' host her entire life.

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