No one, not even Leonardo DiCaprio's 'The Wolf of Wall Street' co-star Jonah Hill, is safe from the grip of Leo mania. While appearing on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' the actor explained how he got Leo to crash his 'SNL' opening monologue and in intimate, 'Titanic' pose fashion. Hill also shared how he made Leo physically ill.

No, really.

"Leo has never hosted 'SNL' and has never been on the 'SNL' stage and I was like, 'You're so funny and people don't get to see how funny you are… they know you are an amazing actor,'" Hill said about plotting to incorporate DiCaprio into his episode.

He explained that he wrote the monologue with the 'SNL' writer and with Leo on the phone, as the writer was pitching jokes, without the writer knowing Leo was listening!

Another writer then suggested doing the 'Titanic' pose at the end. Hill didn't want to pitch it to Leo. But it happened and was fun, and it translated on the small screen.

Hill also explained that when filming, Leo beat the crap out of him, forgetting that they were acting and in character, so Hill had to resort to using his brain to retaliate in return. In the film's sushi scene, DiCaprio ended up eating 80 pieces of raw yellowtail sushi and eventually throwing up. The only ones laughing? Hill and director Martin Scorsese.

He also talked about his dog, Carmella, the light of his life, who is loved by Channing Tatum.

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