Being a judge on ‘The Voice‘ may be tough, but it doesn’t hold a Zippo flame to being a fan on the edge of her seat while watching the battle rounds. On Monday, rockers Jordis Unga and Brian Fuente took the stage to make their duet delivery of Alanis Morissette’s ‘Ironic,’ both incredibly anxious knowing only one would be allowed to stay by the time the episode drew to an end.

Prior to entering the ring, Nashville great Fuente got a chance to go face to face, in a less competitive way, with his advisor Kelly Clarkson. In his practice run, the southern-bred hopeful expressed that he was nervous because the chosen song was geared for a girl, so he was hesitant to give it his all, despite the fact that he tore the house down with his audition song, Grace Potter’s ‘Paris (Ooh La La).’

Clarkson suggested that he should back off being hesitant and give it everything he had — even without the comfortable backing of his band, which is all he’s ever known. “I feel like if I win this battle, it will allow me to break out from being a band member to being a solo guy,” Fuente said, outwardly hoping his coach Blake Shelton wouldn’t be able to say no to his undeniable talent — and Bradley Cooper good looks.

Stashed away elsewhere, Unga met up with Shelton’s wife Miranda Lambert, who helped her along as a private advisor. Like Fuente, the former ‘INXS’ starlet shared with viewers that she too was nervous and unable to find her inner confidence, praising her fellow Team Blake rocker every step of the way and stating that she was unsure she would match up when the time came.

Referring to his contestants, perhaps Blake Shelton put it best when he said: “He’s got to step up to the plate and he can’t have one ounce of tenderness, because if he does, she’s gonna win this thing.”

But once it was judgement day, the pair took the stage, each armed with a newfound fury and their own individual skill set. Both Fuente and Unga were given a verse to own in their unique way, and like true rockers, they donned not their Sunday best, but their Saturday night black-on-black, fully laced with a rush of energy.

It wasn’t terribly ‘Ironic’ that Christina Aguilera called them both pitchy, giving a nod to Unga in the end — or that Cee Lo voiced a preference for Fuente’s aggressive side. Adam Levine too leaned toward the lady rockstar, but in the end, it was up to Shelton, who said, “I wanted a rocker for my team — a rock singer. I’m not sure what it is, I just know what moves me.”

So who was moved into the next round? Jordis Unga, though we know we’ll be hearing more from Fuente in the future.

Watch Jordis Unga and Brian Fuente Perform ‘Ironic’ on ‘The Voice’

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