Over the years we have seen many celebrities rally together to raise money for good causes.  Well Josh Duhamel used his celebrity wife, Fergie, to raise money for his hometown.

Back in June of this year, Minot North Dakota suffered the worst flood they have ever had.  The Souris River swelled due to rain and a late melting of snow in Canada.  The town had to be evacuated and many lost everything they had.

Minot, ND is the hometown of Josh Duhamel.  And being the wonderful celebrity that he is, he began to think of ways to raise money for the Minot citizens.  So he called on his wife Fergie and her band The Black Eyed Peas.

With only five weeks of planning, the concert was a huge success.  On September 3rd, 16,000 people came to see them perform.  They raised $1.3 Million.

Josh went to twitter to thank the Peas:

"A HUGE thank you to @iamwill, @TabBep, @apl_de & #Fergie for their incredible act of kindness for doing #MinotRising. North Dakota loves you," raved Duhamel on Twitter Sunday after the performance.

To which Will.I.Am replied:

"@joshduhamel i.am proud to support #MinotRising...this is what its all about...'Americans helping americans' one neighborhood United States."

What an awesome thing for all of them to take part in!

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