Since the beginning of 2015, Justin Bieber has been doing everything in his power to make a major career comeback AND get back on all of our good sides. From getting grilled during Comedy Central's roast by the likes of Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg and comic Jeff Ross to keeping in touch with Beliebers by surprising them with impromptu performances, Justin wants all of us to know he's back and better than ever. With a string of public apologies and a tearful breakdown or two, Justin has made amends for the immature things he did when he was younger, and has said he's trying to evolve into a better man. And while 2015 wasn't the easiest of roads, Justin managed to rise from his follies and prove that he isn't afraid to accept his mistakes.

After teaming up with Diplo and Skrillex on the smash "Where Are Ü Now" and releasing singles that have been sitting comfortably on the charts for weeks, his latest album, Purpose, is a huge success. Before we ring in 2016, let's look back on the past twelve months and chronicle all Justin's big moments. This was the Year in Bieber.

The Best Lyrics of 2015

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