Are Justin Bieber and his longtime love Selena Gomez making an official “move” when it comes to their relationship by moving in together? Well, if moving vans seen outside of Gomez’s pad over the weekend are any indication, that could very well be the case.

Sleek Gossip reports that the vehicles were seen at Gomez’s crib on Friday. The singer/actress supposedly lives in an apartment on her parent’s property in So Cal but is looking to make a more permanent move in both her place of residence and her relationship. The Biebs purchased a swaggy abode earlier this year and who better to class the $6 million place up than Sel?

Word is that The Biebs even gifted Sel with a key to the home on her 20th birthday in July. Since Sel is now in her 20s, it’s high time for her to fly the family coop and be an adult with her BF, right?

Selena and Justin are two of the busiest and hardest working showbiz youngssters we know. So having a central residence could certainly help keep the relationship both healthy and buoyant, since they would have a home base to retreat to while sharing their lives. It’d be a comfy, cozy place where they could decompress, not to mention a way to further their commitment. It could also be a hideout in which to hang and enjoy as an escape from the nights out where the paparazzi that endlessly hound them.

They don’t say “There’s no place like home” for nothing.

What do you think, PopCrushers? Should The Biebs and Sel cement their relationship by moving in together?

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