Kaley Cuoco invoked the holy Spear-it last night (January 28), recreating Britney Spears' iconic "I'm a Slave 4 U" performance at the 2001 MTV VMAs — snake and all.

Her performance comes at the two-minute mark, following Josh Gad's take on The Divinyl's "I Touch Myself" as Donald Trump, and it's largely faithful to Brit's original. Did she do it justice? Decide for yourself — but the night's victory went to Gad.

On the latest Lip Sync Battle episode, the actress strips off the veneer of her sweet TV character, Penny, summons her inner Ludacris and tears through "Move Bitch" like she's on a mission. And Cuoco's so aggressive in the preview that color commentator Chrissy Teigen gets a little bit scared.

"I was like, 'I watch Penny every week! Where's Penny?'" Teigen says from the sidelines.

"Penny is not here, baby," Cuoco explains to cheers from the audience. Earmuffs, CBS loyalists!

Meanwhile, Josh Gad, who famously voiced Olaf in Frozen and appeared in Book of Mormon, politicizes the SPIKE show's stage by assuming the role of Donald Trump and performing "I Touch Myself." Gad's supported by a fleet of mock-Trumps, who march uniformly as Gad jumps onto a Trump-themed wrecking ball, jumps off and makes out with Cuoco's Big Bang co-star, Johnny Galecki...who's also dressed as Trump. We don't know why!

Seriously: Why?

So far, Season 2 of Lip Sync Battle has named Tracee Ellis Ross a winner over Anthony Anderson, Olivia Munn a winner over Kevin Hart and married couple Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum equals in victory.

Watch the performances above.

Look back at some drastic celeb haircuts:


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