Lending new meaning to the line "I made that bitch famous," comes a recreation of Kanye West's "Famous" video starring dogs courtesy of (Red), an organization dedicated to eradicating AIDS. The hilarious reimagining comes as a part of (SHOPATHON)RED, the organization's holiday product line which features beanies and pajamas.

The video is of particular note as the dogs featured aren't any old canines, but Instagram famous pups. "Thanks for being famous and saving lives @tunameltsmyheart, @toastmeetsworld, @muppetsrevenge, @chloetheminifrenchie @mochiinthecity, @Harlowandsage, @Chloekardoggian, @Kingbentleythebulldog, @Mervinthechihuahua, @Ellabeanthedog," the video's description reads.

Released in June, the original "Famous" video came with some controversy attached, as it depicted various celebrities — Taylor Swift, Ray J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner — in bed together naked. In October, it was reported that Ray J was preparing a response to the video on his upcoming album Raydemption, the singer upset that his likeness was used by West. That response, titled "Famous," dropped in November, with lines like “She fuck me for fame, look in her eyes/She was the first one to sign on the line," a shade less than subtle.

For dog and Kanye lovers alike, the minute-long video is a welcomed treat from some of the more concerning headlines in recent weeks. Catch the "Famous" furry friends up above.

As for "Famous" the song, the Life of Pablo cut was recently nominated for two Grammys in the categories of Best Rap Song and Best Rap/Sung Performance. Kanye goes against himself in each, as "Ultralight Beam" was nominated as well.

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