Kanye West might be a superstar, but that doesn’t mean that his tardiness will be met with approval. Over the weekend, Yeezy performed at Australia’s Big Day Out festival on the Gold Coast, and he enraged fans when he pulled a Bonnaroo and kept them waiting for almost an hour. Additionally, West’s sound check interrupted parts of Soundgarden’s performance, leading fed-up frontman Chris Cornell to fire off some insults at the rapper.

Even before 8:30PM, when Kanye’s show was expected to start, the Chicago native had reportedly been getting his diva on. West had requested an all-white dressing room, and according to the Australian publication Courier Mail, the rapper had sent over representatives to make sure there weren’t any traces of other colors present. When they found a couch to be a “cream-c0lored” shade, they had it replaced — apparently Kanye will only rest his rump on a pure, unadulterated white surface.

Later on, West upset Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell as well as fans of the grunge icons when his sound check was clearly audible in between songs. When fans of Soundgarden started booing Kanye for his noisy test-run, Cornell said, “Sounds like there’s children playing music there, retarded children, retarded as in held back. There’s no other word for it.”

Finally, when Kanye was supposed to hit the stage for one of the biggest performances of the night, fans began chanting “bulls—” over and over again as the rapper kept them waiting for 45 minutes. According to Big Day Out founder Ken West, a severe rain storm was to blame for Kanye’s delayed set, and he asked that festival-goers “Stop picking on Kanye.” This seems likely, considering Courier Mail reports that legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk and a group of skaters were originally supposed to hit the stage at 6:30, but the rain delayed their show, throwing off the timing for all acts to follow — even though it was suggested that Hawk perform onstage with Yeezy, but the rapper refused.

Regardless of the delay and the cries of anger Kanye invoked throughout Big Day Out festival, his performance made up for all of the drama. He put on a vigorous show once again, complete with ballerinas, an impressive light show, a cherry picker crane, and a set list of new and old hits including ‘All of the Lights,’ ‘Gold Digger’ and ‘Good Life.’ Check out a video of his crazy intro performance of ‘Dark Fantasy’ below.

Watch Kanye West’s Opening Number at Big Day Out Fest 2012

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