Kate Upton is someone we pay close attention to, for obvious reasons. Frankly, we're a little disappointed in her latest effort. Don't get us wrong, we enjoyed the Kate Upton car wash commercial, it just wasn't exactly what we were expecting.When we saw that Miss Upton was going to be washing a brand new Mercedes Benz, our excitement was two-fold:

  • Kate Upton +  soapy water = awesome
  • New fancy BMW also = awesome

When we checked out the 'Kate Upton Car Wash Video' as instructed by our creepy friend who texted us at 3am, turns out there wasn't really a whole lot of car washing going on. Most of the commercial was just Kate standing around in short-shorts, playing with bubbles in a loose fitting tank top, and playing with her hair while people stared at her. A pretty regular day for Kate, we're assuming.

The appeal of babes washing cars is, as we all know, the likelihood of wet, clingy clothing, and exaggerated, unexplained ecstasy faces in slow-mo, preferably to a wailing guitar solo. She never even washed the car. If we were a customer, we would be very disappointed in the detail work. Looks like Kate is the one who missed a spot.

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