Eight months after setting off an internet firestorm with a series of hunting pictures, Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones is speaking out.

In an interview with KMID during a promotional event for a gun store in Midland, Jones touched on the controversy her Facebook pictures sparked.

"I know a lot of people don't agree with hunting because they don't understand it but I didn't think it would blow up the way that it did, it literally blew up over night," Jones told KMID.

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That attention wasn't all positive, however. Many criticized Jones' hunting photos, and some even threatened her.

Jones offered a levelheaded response to that criticism.

"They're stuck behind a computer, they don't say it to my face, so you just have to ignore it, you know, not everyone's going to agree with it," Jones said.

Jones, in addition to cheering for Texas Tech University, currently stars in a YouTube series based around hunting called Game On.

[via KLBK]