Furgate continues, with fake fur and fake letters. After PETA pounced, actor Alan Cumming then criticized fashion queen Lady Gaga for wearing fur. Gaga then responded, sidestepping whether or not she wears actual skinned fur, all the while saying she respects animal rights crusaders, albeit ones who behave like adults. It appeared that fellow pop star Kesha, who is a noted animal rights activist,  sent the fur-clad Mama Monster a letter, chiding her for her actions. We were prepping for a cat fight! No pun intended! However, the letter, according to Kesha’s camp, is a fake.

In the leaked (and fake) letter, Kesha, never one to mince words, detailed her disgust at Gaga’s decision to wear fur, and points out that she would expect Gaga to be more sympathetic. The letter takes a sec to congratulate Gaga on the launch of her Born This Way Foundation, so the letter was not all vitriol and venom. “Kesha” also offered a chance to chat further, pop star to pop star.

While Kesha takes her role as an animal ambassador quite seriously, she did not pen this letter, even though it’s on Kesha stationary. According to FUSE, her manager disputed its authenticity, saying it’s not “legit.”

Kesha herself addressed the rumors in a tweet:

Looks like Animals — not to be confused with animals — can get along with Monsters after all.

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