Millennials. They're everywhere. The debate rages on. Sides are taken over how to define this upcoming batch of semi-adults. Some see them as whiny, self-entitled egomaniacs, while others see them as ambitious go-getters who are willing to rewrite the rules to get what they want. Either way you look at them, one fact remains: Knowledge of the 1980s is at an all-time low among this vast consumer demographic. Kevin Bacon is here to help.

In a new video that is not at all a shameless plug for his serious cop drama 'The Following,' Bacon attempts to explain the importance of what he feels is a matter of grave concern.

The miasma of 20-year-olds headed toward their local downtown area dressed in neon headbands and high-waisted cut-off jean shorts has become an epidemic plaguing our college towns for too long. These -- dare we call them children? -- armed with raging libidos, fake IDs and mullet wigs, clog all of our favorite local watering holes at night and our favorite greasy breakfast spots in the morning.

Bacon, thankfully, has taken up the cause of educating these soon-to-be leaders of commerce and communities. He wants them to be aware of the legacy forged by those who came before.

Hopefully, his video will reach these young gods and help them understand. You can watch it above.

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