Is this the future of education?  Quite possibly, yes!  All one will need is a computer or other device, Internet access and the desire to learn and Khan Academy will handle the rest.  Offering about 3,000 classes you could take and have access to in the blink of an eye, without even leaving your house!

The biggest question in your mind right now is probably the same question I asked, "what makes this different from other online Universities that have been around for years and years?"

Well, short answer is, it's free!  Yeah, FREE college classes!

The "not for profit" college does this mainly through large donations from Bill Gates and Google.

Unlike "for profit" universities that have been online for many years, you can access all of Khan Academy's classes free online at no cost to you.

The founder, Salman Khan, delivers all the lectures himself, up loads them to Youtube, and you access them via the App on your iPad.

There are a number of classes available in a large variety of subjects, offering an alternative to the "classroom".

Since the release on Sunday, it is the top education app available on I-Tunes.

And you know how they say "if it seems to good to be true, it probably is to good to be true?"

Well that seems to be a case here as the "free" is kind of a twist.

You do get access to all the classes for free, but the hardware required to view the courses is not free.  But still, not nearly as expensive as a semester at even a community college.

Khan is also not a "trained teacher" per say.  So accrediting is not something offered, but if you really read it, they aren't trying to make it seem like it is.

This is not an online "university" this is an online "free academy" that doesn't "teach" in the definition of the word you might be thinking.  It merely, offers an alternative for those that are hungry for knowledge.

Find out more and get the full story here at Washington Post.

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