It's been more than a week since armed robbers broke into Kim Kardashian's rented house in Paris and stole millions of dollars' worth of jewelry, and Kim's sister Khloe maintains Kim's still struggling to get back on solid ground.

In a preview of an upcoming interview with The Ellen Degeneres ShowKhloe says Kim's still shaken from the October 3 event, in which assailants allegedly tied her up and held her at gunpoint while they made away with the stolen items. The Kardashians and Jenners are now committed to rallying around the media mogul and helping her to recover.

"She's not doing that well," Khloe says in the clip above. "I mean, it’s incredibly traumatic what happened to her, but our family is super close and great and we’ll get through it together, and we do appreciate all of your guys’ love and support and it will take time. You know, it was horrible what happened to her."

Khloe also confirms that the Kardashians and Jenners are actively scaling back social media updates to "make sure that we're protected as well as possible," and added future posts will be more discerning.

"I think it's just a wakeup call to make a lot of life adjustments," she said. "This is a very serious matter...To pull back a little I think is always smart."

Watch the clip and share your reaction to Khloe's words in the comments.

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