Finally! Now you can put an emoji of Kim Kardashian's pregnant body in all of your text messages.

Kim Kardashian has announced that her new app, 'Kimoji,' will be released soon. The app allows you to use Kim-approved emojis, like a Bentley or a waist trainer.

There's also a chocolate doughnut...which iPhone already has.

Some of the emojis are a little more confusing. Does that peach have icing on it? Are those three girls twerking or just doing a group handstand? Doesn't iPhone already have the tidal wave?

It's also hard to imagine that Kanye won't have his own emoji.

These are just a small selection of what 'Kimoji' has to offer.

The mom of two is already back to work, even though she gave birth to Saint West a little over three weeks ago.

Then again, instructing someone else to design emojis of you is probably a work-from-home kind of situation.


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