Our favorite time of the year is here, Halloween!  Since Halloween only comes once a year, we want to make sure that you have as much fun as possible so we want to send you to Arlington!

The wonderful people at the Arlington Convention Center always have a ton of things happening that people don't know about.  Did you know that every year Six Flags host Fright Fest?

This is an amazing way to enjoy the park for Halloween.  Zombies and ghouls will be taking over the park and bringing you and your family a frightening good time.  Of course there will be tons of activities throughout the day, but the fun really starts after the sun goes down.

If you love a good haunted attraction, this is the perfect thing for you.  There are haunted houses and scarezones throughout the park.  There are all kinds of haunted attractions and entertainment like the Piggy's Blood Shed, Cirkus Berzerkus, Zombie Infestation, Ariana's Nightmare and more.

And the best part is, The Hacker Morning Show wants to send you for free!  Thanks to our friends at Visit Arlington, we have a couple awesome Fright Fest packages to give you that include tickets to Six Flags, free food and hotel stay.

You can go visit but if you want to go for free, listen up every weekday morning next week because we will be giving you a chance to win!

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