Takeru Kobayashi, the world famous competitive eater (yes people, there is such a thing) was at SXSW at the behest of GroupMe and RecordSetter.com to attempt the most grilled cheese sandwiches eaten in one minute. Now this is a world record we can get behind. 

Kobayashi claimed the title by eating 10 more tasty grilled cheese sandwiches than a volunteer who managed to eat three in a minute. But hitting the unlucky number of 13 wasn’t good enough for the Japanese professional eater, saying he could’ve stuffed down some more greasy concoctions had he “trained” for the event.

For a guy who has been locked out of the Major League Eating (yes, that’s real too) due to a contract dispute, setting a world record for most grilled cheeses eaten in a minute is yet another culinary achievement for the champion hotdog eater. It was only in January of this year that Kobayashi set a world record in consuming the most Twinkies in one minute. We’re amazed, but more so by how on earth this dude stays fit in his choice of profession. Check out more photos from the event below.

Kobayashi cheese toast eating record
kobayashi grilled cheese

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