Following news that Kodak Black's security guard was reportedly shot in the leg while the rapper was in a Florida McDonald's earlier this week, alleged footage from the incident has surfaced online.

On Monday (April 5), a video began circulating via social media, in which a man not too far away from a McDonald's appears to spot Kodak just before gun shots are fired. "Kodak over there, dog," a male voice says prior to the sound of numerous rounds of gunfire taking over the video. "Kodak over there."

While it's unclear how many gunshots rang out at the time, the man—who cannot be seen in the video—can be heard repeatedly yelling, "Oh shit" and "Fuck." He is later heard saying, "No. I hope Yak ain't get shot, dog," presumably referring to the 23-year-old artist. The man adds, "Bruh, that shit happened right in front of me." After claiming to have spotted someone who was shot at what appears to be the parking lot of the McDonalds, the man continues with, "Bruh, I just witnessed a whole murder." However, there have not been any confirmed deaths from the shooting, only a gunshot injury.

As previously reported, the Project Baby rhymer's security took a hit to the leg early Monday morning (April 5) at around 3 a.m. while the rhymer was grabbing food from a McDonald's location in Tallahassee, Fla. The individual(s) who shot at Kodak's security had reportedly been following the rapper and his crew prior to the shooting incident.

Tallahassee Police Department Spokeswoman Alicia Turner confirmed that the shooting did take place outside of the city's fast-food franchise located on Dewey Street.

Before the shooting, Kodak Black and his crew were reportedly being followed by several cars that tried to cut them off after the rapper left Baja's Beach Club. Kodak was in town for a scheduled headliner performance at the city's Cultur3Fest on April 4.

The Florida-bred rapper went to the McDonald's and his security allegedly blocked the entrance to the eatery with a vehicle. Kodak then went in to get his food despite his security team attempting to do so for him.

Moments later, the same car that had allegedly been following Kodak Black and his entourage earlier that night, arrived at the McDonald's parking lot, then left. Shortly after, they returned and opened gunfire.

Kodak's security, who reportedly sustained the gunshot wound in the femoral artery in his leg, underwent surgery at a local hospital. The state of his recovery isn't currently known.

Check out the alleged video footage from shooting incident below.

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