Before I dive into this, I want you to take a minute and ponder what your biggest pet peeve about Amarillo is. Is it the amount of coffee shops? Is it something to do with the people here? Maybe it's the lack of certain things.

No matter what your pet peeve is, just know it's ok to have it. We all have them, no city is perfect and neither are we as humans.

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So what's my pet peeve? I have a feeling it's one I share with quite a few people in Amarillo. Road construction. It's road construction. However, it's not what you think it may be. I understand construction has to happen, and that's fine.

I know some of the construction takes some time to complete, and there are times where I feel like they aren't actually doing anything. That CAN be an irritant, but not as much as this one.

My biggest issue with the road construction here is the fact that they literally do it in the middle of the day. Road work has a tendency to get started here at about 9 am, and start wrapping up around 6 pm.

Can we just look at the fact that the majority of cars are on the road during these hours? Why on Earth would we decide that construction needs to happen when literally everyone is out and about? Have you been on I-40 any time between these hours the last few days? It's jammed up as far as the eye can see. It's taking 40 minutes to move 5 miles up the road.

Most cities do their construction in the overnight hours. Same hours, just different end of the day. 9 pm to 6 am makes a whole lot more sense to be doing road work, especially MAJOR roadwork.

Now while I can understand and appreciate not wanting to put workers out there so late at night, isn't it the job of the city to make sure that literally everyone else in Amarillo isn't affected by these projects?

Get some heavy duty lights, and start working overnight when there is a serious lack of cars on the road. Stop shutting down the entire city because you want daylight working on these projects.

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