Kristen Bell is not just Veronica Mars -- she's also the voice of Anna from Disney's blockbuster 'Frozen.'  And she gave fans everywhere a treat when she performed Anna's big number, 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman' live for the first time.

"I wanted to be a Disney princess since I was five years old," she tells the audience before her performance. "That is not just something I say. I really, really did. Disney animation was so important to me."

"But what's even more special was that I was able to help shape a type of heroine that I wanted to see," she says of her character Anna. "That I would identify with when I was five to ten years old. I'm so, so proud of Anna because of all those things."

Bell should also be proud of herself -- she completely nailed the live performance, perfectly transitioning her character from little girl to young woman, just like in the film. And there's just something so awesome about animated movies being brought to (real) life.

Watch Kristen Bell's performance above!