Star Wars: The Force Awakens has given Star Wars fans — many of whom first fell in love with the franchise in their formative years —135 minutes' worth of new mythology and characters to pore over. And in the perpetually-active fan fiction community, Kylo Ren's internal struggles and impossibly shiny locks have inspired a library's worth of fervent tales.

The Force Awakens provided plenty of mysteries to consider: What is Snoke, and is he really that enormous? Is Rey Luke's daughter, and why do so many heroes in Lucas' universe need to be related all the time? Why is everyone suddenly in love with Oscar Isaac, when they overlooked his hotness in everything from Inside Llewyn Davis to Drive to Ex Machina? The next installment may answer at least one of these questions. But an endlessly creative subsection of fans refuse to wait and, taken with Adam Driver's portrayal of Leia and Han Solo's stormy son, have opted to invent their own adventures in the interim. If you're guessing that many of these adventures involve Kylo Ren as a conflicted yet smoldering romantic lead...well, you've clearly read fan fiction before.

Enjoy a sampling of seven Kylo-centric stories below, in which he romances Suicide Squad anti-hero Harley Quinn, and also lets you know that you're kind of a gross eater.

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    The Little Knight, by ForeverDelighted

    In which Kylo and Rey make out, and BB8 is...jealous? [Click to read] 

    Kylo turned his attention back to Rey, one hand cupping her cheek. He leaned up and places his lips upon hers in a chaste, gentle kiss.

    BB-8’s vision turned red. He let out a shriek and bolted forward, laser extended and sparking. Kylo was ready this time, and put up one hand, conjuring the Force. BB-8 found himself crashing off an invisible wall. He was tired again, beeping madly with each failed attempt to get through.

    Finally, Kylo pulled back from Rey, both breathless.

    “I think your droid doesn’t like me.”

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    Broken Doll, by KylieRey

    Kylo is like an intergalactic Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, gruff and haunted. Also a real stickler for table etiquette. Who knew the First Order enjoys the same salty snacks we do? [click to read]

    Kylo stared at me as I ate. I looked up and stared back.

    “What,” I asked, my mouth full with fries.

    “Eat and swallow first. You really don’t have any manners, he said disgusted. Then he took off his helmet and put it on the table.

    I saw his attractive yet disgusting face as I ate.

    I shrugged and continued eating my fries until a few seconds later, he stopped me.

    Kylo reached in with a napkin in his hand and wiped the ketchup that was on the side of my lip.

    I paused and watched, surprised as he was also surprised himself.

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    The History of Violence That Surrounds You, by flowermasters

    “The only things Kylo removes when she f---s General Hux are her helmet and her pants.”

    That’s a knockout of an opening line, and the only one clean enough to print here. The title, taken from Lana Del Rey’s “Honeymoon,” is an apt one for a sex scene between Kylo Ren and his rival General Hux (KyLux). Oh, and in this story, Kylo’s a woman — fan fiction's experimental attitude toward gender and perspective shifts are one of the coolest things about the genre. [click to read]

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    The Journal of Kylo Ren, by alanaxarruda

    Emo Kylo Ren scribbles feelings in his journal. The foreshadowing is (almost) bone-chilling. [click to read]

    My mom and I don’t go in my closet. That’s where I’ve kept all of my Darth Vader memorabilia. I’m hoping to buy his helmet. My mother and Uncle Luke both have ashes from him. They say that they’re the ashes of Anakin Skywalker, but I don’t believe them. I asked my parents if my cousin Rey could come home with us, but they said no. That made me extremely angry, I might even have to kill them when I’m older. I’ll be powerful. I will.

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    Cruel Intentions, by Harley_Quinn_xX

    In which Harley Quinn mysteriously goes from bickering with The Joker in her jester outfit to living on a spaceship with ya boy Kylo in the blink of an eye. [click to read]

    "What am I?" I mutter.

    "Harley, why are you asking all these questions. You should know these things. You are Princess Harleen Organa, the adopted sister of Princess Leia, who is my mother" I looked up.

    "I'm sleeping with my sister's son?" I shudder.

    "No! We're not related, in no way shape or form. We share no bloodline. In fact you're human, you have no signs of being related to them. You were adopted at a young age after your parents were killed in a freak accident on Earth. No one knows how you were found, you were a baby, dumped on the King and Queens doorstep. No one knows where you came from Harley, you're just a wonderful problem. My problem," he laughed.

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    Princess, by Lovely Paws

    Over 4,000 people have read this story, told from the POV of Lara Fett (Boba Fett's granddaughter). The story's full of action, but like most Kylo fanfic, it hinges on his hidden romantic side, ripe for redemption. [click to read]

    I walked to my room in silence, finally having some time to take in everything that happened, Kylo and I made out, we made out. It felt good to know he was finally relaxing around me, we could never be anything if he kept the bravado he showed to everyone with me too.

    To me, he was something he would never be for Hux or Phasma, or even Snoke, if they ever saw how he acted around me, they would probably think he was going crazy, the same man that orders a mass killing, calling me Princess. I shivered at the thought and went inside before laying on the bed, almost instantly falling asleep.

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    Grandfather's Burden, by brave1

    Kylo Ren's enjoying one of his glum "chats" with Darth Vader's burnt mask, when his grandfather suddenly answers...and Vader's brought a friend who's most unwelcome. By all of us. [click here to read]

    Vader raised a clenched fist. "Let me show you the true nature of the Dark Side!"

    He vanished.

    "Grandfather, come back!"

    Suddenly the lights went out, and he was surrounded by darkness.

    "What's happening?" He instinctively reached for his lightsaber, and as he did he felt a presence fill the room — not the commanding, authoritative aura of Darth Vader, but one that evoked revulsion, almost nauseating.

    "Who's there?" Kylo demanded, ignoring his lightsaber. "Show yourself!"

    "Hello dalee!"


    "Benny! Benny Solo!" Jar Jar called as he wrapped his arms around Kylo so hard he was lifted off the ground. "Moole, mole, yousa grown so bombad!"

    "Get your filthy hands off of me!" Kylo shouted.

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