Lady Gaga is no joke when it comes to pushing her cause to the highest levels of government and authority. After trying to get President Obama’s attention regarding bullying, the singer is now attempting a meeting with David Cameron, the prime minister of Britain. She is seeking the meeting to discuss the global element of her Born This Way Foundation.

According to The Mail on Sunday (quotes courtesy of WENN), Gaga is due in London next month, and while there, she plans to push for a face-to-face with Cameron.

“Lady Gaga’s foundation works with Harvard University and Obama’s government. She hopes to discuss its objectives with the Prime Minister,” a source told the paper about the ‘Marry the Night’ singer and Vogue cover girl‘s motives, goals and reasons.

Turns out that Cameron’s office is open to this discussion, as well. A rep for his Downing Street office said, ”If Lady Gaga gets in touch, we will respond.”

While that is no guarantee of a meeting, it is still a positive step and means that discourse is highly possible.

Gaga’s BTW foundation aims to stamp out bullying and to help the youth of today to maintain positive self-images. Clearly, this is an international cause that is close to Gaga’s heart and she will stop at nothing to further advance her goals. She is a true crusader for good!

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