It’s unicorns and rainbows for Lady Gaga, not mortgages and marriages. The Mother Monster may be happy with her boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney, and she may marry him in the fifth and final ‘You & I’ fashion film. But that is the extent of Ma Monster’s concrete commitment. She is married to her lifestyle, telling Vogue in her cover feature that she doesn’t want to settle down. She wants to “keep riding this rainbow.”

Gaga, 26, told the fashion bible (quotes via WENN) that “I’m just having a really good time performing, making music, flying around the world to see so-and-so…” There’s nothing wrong with that nor does it diminish her love for Kinney. She doesn’t need to be tethered to a concept or an institution in order to love him. She also doesn’t need to give up her party lifestyle, either. You’re only young once…

She continued, “Look, I’m 26, and I want to make records and party and screw around and wear fake Chanel and do what every other 26-year-old girl wants to do. I don’t want to settle down and live in a house yet or anything. I just want to keep riding this rainbow.”

Fake Chanel? Gaga, really? We’re sure that Coco’s heir apparents can send you tons of gratis Chanel gear and bags. You don’t need to go the fake route. Don’t you know that buying bogus designer items funds nefarious efforts? There were ads in Vogue proclaiming that years ago.

But then again, if you really want to be of the people and like every other girl who is the quarter century mark, plus one, then go grab some fake bags, party, screw around and have a good time! No one is going to fault you for that.

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