Fresh off a brand new tattoo which may make reference to her relationship with actor and ‘You & I’ video co-star Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga took some time out of her Born This Way Ball tour to sightsee in Amsterdam, with Kinney on her arm and clasping her hand.

Gaga, dressed in a mostly muted color palette of black and grey, paired with a baseball cap, sunglasses, leopard-print skirt, with knee-high socks and dangerously high heels which don’t seem conducive to walking on cobblestone streets, and Kinney were unassuming, even as he took photos of her. They also hit a local saloon to have a beverage, as well.

They were followed relentlessly, and the footage of them walking around and enjoying themselves in a foreign country, has been posted online. You can watch Gaga and Kinney taking in all that Amsterdam has to offer below.

Kinney took photos of the Mother Monster and then turned around and began snapping shots of the locals and the paps, turning the tables. Hey, at least he didn’t go all Sean Penn and try and attack the snappers!

Gaga and Kinney even smooch, too. They look like a couple in love.

Watch Footage of Lady Gaga Sightseeing in Amsterdam


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