Lana Del Rey is opening up about her relationship with Live PD star Sean 'Sticks' Larkin after photos of the couple sharing a stroll in Central Park surfaced last week.

In a recent Los Angeles Times profile, the singer-songwriter admits she understands why fans are so interested in her private life. "I care about what Bob Dylan is doing right now," she said. "I'm curious to know if he's wearing a hoodie or a blazer. I get it."

However, she had no idea the two were being photographed while in New York, and that makes her a little uneasy. "I didn't know we were being photographed," she insisted. "I would've worn something different."

"It's funny because I was with someone for years and we never had that problem," she added, most likely referring to her relationship with musician Barrie-James O'Neill, who she dated from 2011 to 2014.

Aside from providing insight into law enforcement on the A&E show, Larkin is also a real-life cop. Though this may seem like a random romantic choice for the singer, she's been linked to men ranging from Marilyn Manson to James Franco, so it's safe to say she doesn't have a "type."

As for anyone who may be criticizing her for dating a police officer? She doesn't care. "Well, the thing is, he's a good cop," the 34-year-old said simply. "He gets it. He sees both sides of things."

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