Not so fast, Lana Del Rey haters that have pounced on the singer over the report that she cancelled her upcoming tour due to the fact that she was raked over the coals for her ‘Saturday Night Live‘ performance last month.

Del Rey’s handlers have denied the report that appeared in the New York Post claiming that LDR’s planned spring outing was iced due to the fact that critics believe her ‘SNL’ perf proved she can’t sing and has no stage presence. Del Rey has reacted to the criticism saying that she sings fine live and that she attempts to recreate what you hear on the record while onstage, which prohibits moving around much.

Even so, something appears to be a bit rotten in the state of Del Rey. Her camp issued a press release in December of last year, indicating that a U.S. tour was on tap for spring, with only a SXSW date confirmed. Now, Pitchfork reports that her publicist said that Del Rey will tour in October, in public and on TV.

October is eight months away and most artists, no matter how heavily hyped, support their debut albums by touring, nonstop, six months before release and for at least a year after the album lands, if not longer. Touring is the lifesblood of an artist – just ask Lady Gaga who can’t seem to stay off the road since she’s been on it for most of her adult life.

The fact that Del Rey is not pounding the pavement, winning over new fans daily with performances in cities across the country, is a bit fishy. How will she meet and make new fans, especially with the critical backlash that’s landed at her door?

PopCrush thinks that logic would dictate that Del Rey would need to hit the tour circuit — and fast — to prove she is the real thing, rather than stay away. It only fuels the fire of rumors that she can’t sing.